Lanie Mardini

Lanie M.

As our administration guru, Lanie is a skilled multitasker. As part of the Curvwood crew, she’s also wonderfully creative… and one of the family.

Curvwood Director and our joiner extraordinaire Truett is Lanie’s brother. They worked together for many years in their father’s auto business, where Lanie looked after accounts, administration, photography and the company’s online store. “My job evolved over time to fit the needs of the company… and adapt to new technology.”

It’s also where Lanie learnt the value of hard work. “I learnt from Dad to be a super hard worker and saver – I bought my first house when I was 19 – and it’s something that’s stayed with me. I’ve always wanted to do something amazing and make a positive difference in the world. It’s about working hard, working well… and making every day count.”

When Truett left the family business to make the shift to joinery, Lanie wasn’t anticipating following him, but it was her creative bent that was the catalyst.

“I had decided to pursue an interest in furniture restoration, as I’d always loved timber furniture. I did some courses in chalk paints and learnt to sand, to mix colours and to apply waxes, primers and sealers. Truett needed a hand one time finishing a timber project, and that’s how I came on board.”

Family is important to Lanie – “I’m a super proud mum” – and it’s one reason she loves working at Curvwood.

“Ultimately, it’s great working with Truett and Eva. We bounce off each other and work really well together. We all contribute ideas… and we’re all on the same page.”

The other win for Lanie is being part of a brilliant creative hub. “I just love the creative side and seeing the finished curved wood project. Glulam is amazing – the product and the process. Being part of Curvwood is just so rewarding.”