Custom Glue Laminated Timber


At Curvwood, we’re passionate about the potential in every notch and grain of timber. We create beautiful and innovative curved wood structures using our versatile glulam process. And our advanced skills and knowledge of glulam fabrication allow us to achieve creative results with unique and impressive curved and free shapes that go beyond the standard capability of timber. We can partner with architects, builders and artists to bring extraordinary timber designs to life.

Extensive capability in custom wood manufacturing


At Curvwood, we have extensive experience in joinery and construction. But more than that, we have a deep knowledge of the materials and techniques we use in our trade. We’re skilled in diverse timber practices including finger jointing, laminating, cutting and dressing and staining. Glulam? It’s our speciality… and the designs we can create are truly exciting.

We go above and beyond to find the perfect solution for every art, architecture or building project. We’re perfectionists… and it shows.

With a focus on custom glulam fabrication, we produce innovative curved wooden beams, furniture, art installations and structures that are carefully crafted and finished. We pride ourselves on our curved glulam beams, created to specification and delivered on time.


Curvwood is the creation of husband and wife team, Truett and Eva Dellow. Truett is a skilled joiner and passionate about creating beautifully crafted and intricately finished timber creations. Eva is a born organiser with an eye for detail and innovative design. Together they are a formidable duo.

Timber is in our blood. Our family connection to the construction and joinery industries spans more than half a century. We know timber. We love its look, its feel, its warmth and its endless possibilities.

Glulam project with absolute care and precision

We’re passionate about the possibilities of wood – and about delivering tailored solutions for industrial, interior and urban designers, and for architects, artists, builders and developers.

We have the expertise to advise you on every glulam project detail. We’ll recommend timber, tolerance and finish for design, location, budget and aim. And Truett, our joiner extraordinaire, will work directly with you on every job so that our curved wood manufacturing aligns seamlessly with your vision.

We make it super easy for you… which adds to the wow factor when it all comes together.

Glulam fabrication


Curvwood specialises in glulam, or glue laminated timber. Using glulam, we can create very large curves and beams from a range of timber species. Tasmanian Oak, Radiata Pine, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt each bring their own unique characteristics to glulam structures. And we love Accoya, a high-performance and sustainable timber that’s incredibly versatile.

Glulam is an ingenious and efficient technique for structural curved wood fabrication. The design possibilities are endless. And we deliver pre-fit so the installation is easy.

With glulam you are only limited by your imagination. It is ideal for striking art installations, contemporary commercial spaces, urban furniture and churches. We have the skills, the knowledge and the passion to produce every curved wood project to precise specification and exceptional quality.


At Curvwood, we are passionate about aesthetics. But we are driven to provide sustainable wood manufacturing. We are working with one of nature’s greatest assets, and we’re fully aware of our responsibility to minimise our impact. When we say we see the potential in every piece of timber, we mean the whole piece of timber. For every project we work on, we always consider the best environmental options to ensure a sustainable solution.
Focused on sustainable solutions
With our expansive knowledge of timber and experience with glulam, finger jointing and other woodworking techniques, we can guide you through the best options for a structure that is energy-efficient, long-lasting, fire resistant and eco-friendly.


At Curvwood, we’re passionate about glulam fabrication for contemporary, state-of-the-art and sustainable design solutions. Contact us to discover the true potential of timber.