Custom Glue Laminated Timber

Innovative and Enduring Accoya® Wood Creations

Accoya is a long-life modified wood that is fast becoming the benchmark material for innovative and inspirational architecture, art and construction projects. Accoya wooden structures deliver all the beauty of traditional wood with none of the downsides. Its superior performance and versatility ensure maximum impact, with unrivalled, guaranteed quality that lasts.  

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Approved Accoya Manufacturer

Curvwood is proud to be an approved manufacturer of Glulam made of Accoya wood and we are certified by Accsys to manufacture with Accoya wood and provide Accoya glulam solutions.

After decades of research and development , a revolutionary scientific process called acetylation gives Accoya radiata pine unmatched advantages and benefits that exceed hardwoods, and other materials such as PVC and aluminium.

The Curvwood team go above and beyond to deliver exceptional straight and curved wood creations. We choose to use Accoya because it sets the new standard for wood performance in everyway!

Outshining all other timbers

Accoya is a new way of thinking about wood – and means we can use timber in ways never before imagined. It blends the strength and performance of steel and concrete with the aesthetics and warmth that only timber can truly deliver.

Accoya outshines all other timbers, too. It’s the only type of wood with advanced stability, durability and versatility.

It outperforms uPVC from its superior insulation, to lasting good looks. And it’s sustainably sourced with FSC® certification and minimal environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle. So, it’s safer and healthier for you and the environment.

Accoya’s 50-year above ground warranty gives you complete confidence that your straight or curved wood structures, art installations and architectural projects will stand the test of time.

Inside of a wooden structure playhouse

Leading performance, stability and sustainability

Accoya is the unrivalled choice for performance, stability and sustainability.

Performance – Low risk of shrinkage, swelling, jamming, insect and fungal damage ensures minimal future repair costs. And thanks to Accoya’s superior thermal properties (it’s naturally insulating), it reduces heat loss through external walls and doors, keeping energy costs down.

Stability – Accoya wood’s superior dimensional stability (resistance to swelling and shrinkage) exceeds all commonly used species, including Teak, Sapele and Iroko. Accoya wood has been tested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering conditions – above ground, below ground and even in fresh water – and has been proven to withstand the toughest of external environments.

It’s a beautiful blonde wood, that we can also stain and varnish to any colour. With Accoya’s stability, your chosen coatings also look pristine for longer.

Sustainability – Sustainably sourced Accoya is more eco-friendly than uPVC, aluminium and unsustainably sourced hardwood. Boasting not just a lower carbon footprint, Accoya wooden structures actually help remove CO₂ over their life cycle. Accoya is also non-toxic and the only construction material in the world to achieve C2C Platinum Certification™ for Material Health from the Cradle to Cradle Institute, which sets global standards for products that are safe, circular and responsibly created.

Accoya wood place in a bench inside a warehouse

Versatile glulam solutions

Accoya’s performance, pliability and versatility make it the ideal choice for both traditional construction and innovative curved wooden designs.

Accoya provides enhanced thermal performance, crack and splinter resistance and a durable finish that is suitable for any climate, including exposed and coastal applications.

It’s also our team’s preferred choice for glulam, or glued laminated timber, a form of wood fabrication that aligns perfectly with contemporary, state-of-the-art and sustainable design solutions. With glulam, we create curved wooden structures that are warm, inviting and innovative… and which bring your most inspired designs to life.

Accoya wood divider placed outside a building

The Accoya advantage

Accoya technical features and benefits include:

  • Superior dimensional stability (resistance to swelling and shrinkage), exceeding all commonly used species including teak, sapele and iroko.
  • Proven to withstand even the toughest of external environments and weathering conditions above ground, below ground and in fresh water.
  • TRADA testing confirms Accoya does not cup, unlike other commonly used wood species, and shrinkage percentage is much lower than other wood species.
  • Wood durability (rot resistance) is Class 1, matching and exceeding the performance of commonly used hardwoods such as Oak, Iroko, Sapele, Utile and Meranti.
  • Naturally insulating, Accoya locks in warmth whilst remaining cool to the touch all year round.
Accoya curved wood placed on a steel stand
  • Improved coating lifetime performance with many types of coatings, resulting in extended maintenance intervals.
  • Accoya wood’s light natural colour allows for a wide range of colour finishes.
  • Accoya wood is easier to coat; less preparation and sanding are required.
  • Due to its stability, Accoya wood significantly prolongs the life of film-forming coatings, greatly extending maintenance regimes and enabling it to remain looking pristine for many years.
  • In comparison to other standard wood types for joinery, Accoya thermal conductivity is:
    • Superior to softwood by 8%
    • Superior to hardwood by 30%.
  • Every batch of Accoya wood is tested after production to ensure that its durability can be guaranteed.


At Curvwood, we’re passionate about glulam fabrication for contemporary, state-of-the-art and sustainable design solutions. Contact us to discover the true potential of timber.