Custom Glue Laminated Timber


Ron G.

Ron Gattone is a Curvwood Director and Advisor on our timber projects, and we couldn’t ask for a better candidate. With more than 50 years’ experience and credentials as a highly respected builder, timber merchant and joiner, he understands timber construction implicitly. As Eva’s dad, he also fits right in.

“I was 22 when I decided to become a builder. I got my builder’s licence and started a construction business called Ron Gattone Pty Ltd, which is still active today.”

Ron worked mainly on residential construction in the Eastern Suburbs. He gained a reputation for high quality homes and became the builder of choice for local architects. In 1991, he decided on a change of scene.

“My brother-in-law and I decided to buy a hardware store in Annandale, and from there I became a timber merchant. I thought I knew a lot about wood after decades of building. When I did learn about timber, I realised how much more there was to know.”

With a passion for learning, Ron soon became a timber specialist, sought after by builders, architects and others.

And he discovered that his construction background was also an asset. “We became a sounding board for many people in the industry. I could talk to our customers both as a builder and a timber specialist, which was very valuable.”

After a lifetime across the building and timber industries, Ron decided to semi-retire two years ago. He keeps busy with his wife and five beautiful grandchildren, spends time at the Lions Club… and he’s found himself a role as a Commercial Project Manager for a St Peters construction project.

We also enticed him to come on board as a Curvwood Director and we’re delighted that he can share his wealth of knowledge and contribute to our complex curved wood projects.

Clearly, semi-retirement suits him.

Ron can’t help keeping busy, probably because he’s equally passionate about the potential in people… and projects. “My mission in life is to positively influence every person I interact with, every single day. I love seeing people achieve and grow, and I truly believe that in life anything is possible.”

It’s another reason that glulam fabrication appeals. “So much is possible with glulam. Really, the only limit is a designer’s imagination.”